Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Six years after the nuclear disaster: Radioactive everywhere 

Iitate-mura, Fukushima with mounts of radioactive soil in plastic bags
Photo by a friend of mine in January, 2017.
It is six years since the Great Earthquake in Eastern Japan and the unprecedented nuclear disaster at Fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. The wheareabout of radioactive debris of three nuclear reactors is still unknown and it has never been "under control," discharging 10,000,000 becquerel per hour.

Although the situation of the melt-down reactors has not changed, the mindset of people in Japan seems to be changed. For most of them, the nuclear accident is something past, and they think everything is going OK, as the government says it's OK.

For the government and nuclear "mafia" earning tremendous money from nuclear industry, it is time to show the world that even after nuclear accidents people can live as they used to and nothing serious is going on. They are saying like, "you can keep living in your radioactively contaminated hometown if you like, and radioactive garbage can be recycled as other normal garbage. So don't worry about radioactivity and let's build more nuclear power plants around the world."

Do you think I am joking? I do hope so, but it is the reality in Japan, now.
Please visit the sites below and read the statements and explanations about the crisis we are now forced by Japanese government.

It is now in Japan, but it might happen in your country next.

** Urgent Petition: “No” to the Policy “To Use Contaminated Soil (Less than 8,000 becquerel/kg) for Public Works”—
Don't Contaminate the Environment, Don't Force Radiation Exposure on the Entire Population

** Stand in solidarity:  Defend the human rights of Fukushima survivors

News on Fukushima:
Govt. to lift more Fukushima evacuation orders

My friends and I had a candlelit event, "311 a prayer from Kobe" at the heart of Kobe city on the 11th of March, 2017. May there be no more sufferings because of nuclear disasters.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Powerful message from an A-bomb survivor  

     President Obama became the first sitting American president to visit the Japanese city of Hiroshima since U.S. warplanes dropped the first atomic bomb on August 6, 1945.  Giving his speech, he was eloquent as he is, calling for nuclear-free world, but is he really serious about that? To let the world know his seriousness he must take actions. That is what he must do after the "historic" visit to Hiroshima.

     After I listened to his speech, I heard a powerful voice from an A-bomb survivor. She speaks fluently in English, so it must be very moving for English speakers to hear her talking about what happened on the day when the first atomic bomb was dropped on human beings, and warnings to all of us living in this nuclear age.

      "I have serious question. We have to start getting rid of them as quickly as possible, before the accident takes place, before terrorists take serious action. I have seen the massive death and suffering, and I don’t want to see the similar situation multiplied by the hundreds and thousands. I just can’t understand. I want the United States—as Mr. Obama said, United States has the moral responsibility to lead action toward abolition. Please back that statement with concrete action, soon."

     The above is from the interview on Democracy Now! with Setsuko Thurlow, who survived the Hiroshima atomic bombing, about the bombing of 1945 and her push to eliminate nuclear weapons. See more at:
"I Want the World to Wake Up": Hiroshima Survivor Criticizes Obama for Pushing New Nuclear Weapons May 27, 2016 Web Exclusive http://www.democracynow.org/2016/5/27/atomic_bomb_survivor_setsuko_thurlow_on

 In the following interview, the survivor talks about August 6th of 1945
"We Learned to Step over the Dead": Hiroshima Survivor & Anti-Nuclear Activist Recalls U.S. Bombing  May 27, 2016 Story

News coverage of Obama's visit to Hiroshima
In Hiroshima Obama Calls for World Without Nukes, Contradicting New $1 Trillion Weapon Upgrade Plan   May 27, 2016 Story http://www.democracynow.org/2016/5/27/in_hiroshima_obama_calls_for_world

I really appreciate Democracy Now! for these special and precious interviews.

On the day I first visited Hiroshima on "August 6th"

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The experience of nuclear weapons is something too large  

Mr. Obama is to visit Hiroshima on 27th of May 2016. This is the first visit of the president of United States to the place on which USA dropped the first atomic bomb in human history.

I am not sure if his visit is to be hailed or not, but I've found  profound words from Japanese Nobel Laureate Kenzaburo Oe on 70th Anniversary of US Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the site of Democracy Now!

 "I believe that the issue or the experience of nuclear weapons is something too large for any individual to apologize for, and it’s the responsibility of all humanity to take on board. So rather than an apology, I believe that what’s important is to call for an expression of the will and the dedication to create a world free of nuclear weapons."

See the whole interview at http://www.democracynow.org/2015/8/6/japanese_nobel_laureate_kenzaburo_oe_on

As a person who was born and live in Japan where hundreds of thousands of people have been suffering from atomic bombings and Fukushima-daiichi nuclear disaster, I do believe nuclear weapons and nuclear power should be abolished for human beings to survive.

   Collect warheads of
        Nuclear missiles on the earth
          Send them to Jupiter
    'Cause peach trees will be blooming
      Next spring on the brown planet

The tanka poem and the drawing
from "Flowers and Bombs" by Kaoru Kobashi
published in 2004

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Voices for Peace 

2016 has just begun.
Let's hope it will be a year that love rules.

Although more and more violence seems to spread around the world,
keep listening to voices for peace.

Here are leaders we should know more about

Canada PM Trudeau Reaffirms Withdrawal From Combat Role Against ISIS
WSJ Nov. 16, 2015 

"I Want a World of Peace": In Exclusive Interview UK Labour Head Jeremy Corbyn Opposes Bombing Syria
Democracy Now! December 08, 2015

The Next Syriza? As Greece Rejects Austerity, Meet the Activist Who Could Become Spain's New PM
Democracy Now! February 17, 2015
Gather voices of
"No War" all over the world
Tie them to balloons
Fly the balloons in the sky
Let them wrap up the White House
(and the world)
The tanka poem and the drawing
from "Flowers and Bombs" by Kaoru Kobashi
published in 2004

Monday, September 21, 2015

It is definitely an outrage against democracy 

Abe's war bills passed the upper house in the early morning on 19 September in 2015. The laws now allow Japan to send its Defense Force to war zones overseas, which the majority of Japanese people are opposing, especially the youth who might be affected most by the laws.

BBC broadcast the scene when the bills were said to pass in the committee of the upper house on 17 September. If you see the movie you may think those men around the chairman are all from opposing parties, but it is not so.

The men who gathered around the chairperson first were members of the ruling party, and they were not members of the committee. Because of the "human wall" nobody could hear what the chairman said at all. Is it possible to pass the bills in such  chaos?

I don't approve the bills and the majority of Japanese people would not approve such unconstitutional laws born in such an undemocratic way. It is almost the coup.

See the movie at BBC:
・Scuffles break out in Japan's parliament
17 September 2015

And more about how he bill has prompted large public protests.
・Japan votes to allow military role overseas
19 September 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

This is what democracy looks like in Japan 

It may appear that Japan is now turning back to its miserable past under revisionist Japan's PM Shinzo Abe*, who has earnestly been trying to change Japan's pacifist constitution. 
As Mr Abe's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)dominates the Diet, it may be difficult to stop, what is called, "new security bills,"  but look, what is happening in Japan now! Young people are now standing up for their right and their future!
SEALDs (Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy) is an emergency action to protect a free and democratic Japan. Group from late teens to early 20s.
They are calling for democracy outside the Diet every Friday night and organize big rallies all over Japan. This is what democracy looks like in Japan. It is not in the Diet but outside among the people aspiring for democracy.
See more at:

If you know more about "new security bills"
Protests as Japan paves way for self-defence law change
15 July 2015 BBC

*Mr. Abe acts like a revisionist for his right-wing supporters,
but he is just following what the U.S. demands.
For more info, read the recommendations listed in the paper below:
The U.S.-Japan Alliance anchoring stability in asia
Authors:  Richard L. Armitage, Joseph S. Nye
pp.16-17 Recommendations

See how happy the U.S. members are because of Abe:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In a crazy world 

I feel like I'm living in a crazy world
Where life is handled like trash
While money is treated like treasure

Who cares about someone else's life
When you're gonna get bucks in pile

If you gonna kill for money
You are gonna be killed for it

Am I living in a crazy world?
Nukes, guns, missiles,
All the weapons sold and bought
Dollars, stocks, bills,
All the money chokes you up

When are you gonna get awake
To get free from this crazy world

August 11th 2015
On the day Japan restarted first nuclear power plant
under "new safety rules" since Fukushima

Where can I find my shelter in this crazy world?

Related news: Japan restarts first nuclear power plant since Fukushima

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